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In 2012, touristFly and IHS have begun working with a whole new, previously untested concept and service. Experts in the field tourism; innovative, creative; a team full of enthusiasm and a constantly developing concept. Our final product model: Submarine Turkey.

The tourist submarine NEMO was completely renovated in 2015 in Spain and equipped with the latest modern technique and is located here in Turkey. From March 2017 NEMO will start diving from Mice Island (Sıçan Adası) Antalya and you will experience an unforgettable and very very original event, where you will discover the underwater secrets of the Mediterranean.

Currently, there are more than 30 touristic submarines in tourism that exploit the blue of the sea, and it is with pride that this submarine will realize a first in Turkey. Our country, our company provides the first submarine and gives a whole new tone and colour in tourism with this investment.

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NEMO has been established in Finland,is the 10th submarine of the Mark IV Series,3rd generation.Submarine NEMO is a tourist submarine with a capacity for 44 passengers and 2 pilots with the most advanced technology in the World and the most stringent safety systems.NEMO has a high capacity battery with the ability to continue under water up to 10 hours;72 hours of continuous coverage,and high maneuverability.

NEMO can make 10 dives Daily with no outside support.Diving and agricultural systems need less than 1 minute time to dive and ensure a comfortable control of the boat.Redesigned with O2 supplementation in the air NEMO and our passengers during a dive are always kept cool with air conditioning which provides a healthy trip.

NEMO has complemented a full modernization process in 2015 in Spain. Coastal,including reserves,battery charging systems and compressors were replaced.NEMO has successfully completed in October 2015 classified institution by a DNV-GL strict and high safety uncompromising control the GL/DNV certification.

Classification: DNV-GL + 1
Width : 4 meters
length : 18.6 meters
Height : 5.85 meters
Passenger capacity: 46 Persons
Battery: 480 lead-acid battery

Weight: 106 tons
Underwater speed: 2 CTS
Working depth: 40 meters
Average speed: 3 CTS (CTS backup speed 4)
Day trip: 6 x 15 K / watt electric motor

Crew: 2
Navigation time: 10 hours
Side window: 22 levels (80 cm diameter)
Front / rear window: 2 levels (160 cm)
Precautions: There is a replacement for each system.

About the excursion

Tourist submarines are the only tool capable of providing direct contact with the underwater world for many people. You can visit the depths of the sea from Mice Island (Sıçan Adası) Antalya in comfort with our experienced pilot and crew.

Our guests will receive a briefing about 20 minutes before the dive, the briefing will take place in our office just near the submarine. During the tour, our guide will make disclosures about diving and underwater features of our submarine to you in a pleasant environment. Before and after the dive, our guests have the opportunity to shop in our gift shop, drinks and light snacks are available at the NEMO Café. The diving experience will take 1-hour and will end in the same place we started from Marina.

NEMO has extensive glazing, high ceilings distance (180 cm) which have been specially designed for a water submarine for underwater navigation. The spacious cabin is equipped with 2 air-conditioning. Passengers will not expierience any inconvience regarding atmospheric pressure inside and will be protected. People with enough physical condition of all ages can dive with us to explore the underwater beauty of our submarine. Children must be at least 90 cm tall.

Team Member
Mice Island (Sıçan Adası) Antalya

Diving Place

Team Member
60 Minutes

Tour Length

Team Member
35 Meters

Diving Depth

Team Member
2 Captain
1 Guide
1 Assistant


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Here you can find our pictures and videos of NEMO and our excursions.

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